sabbia gallery

Australian Studio Glass & Ceramics


Cathy Franzi, Banksia Anatona, 2018, porcelain, wheel thrown and altered, sgraffito, H 53 x W 22 x D 20.5cm

Gallery Two   10 October - 03 November 2018


Sabbia Gallery is pleased to present this solo exhibition of new ceramics by Canberra artist Cathy Franzi.

My inspiration for this body of work is the extraordinary diversity of Banksias found in south-west Western Australia. In February this year I spent a month as artist-in-residence with the Fremantle Arts Centre and during trips into the field I had the joy of seeing Banksias in the wild, including rare ones in Stirling Range National Park. Banksias are such interesting plants to draw on the clay surface with a variety of shapes and textures in leaf and inflorescence. 

Cathy Franzi, July 2018