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Ceramics, Glass + Fibre

Cobi Cockburn

Cobi Cockburn is a celebrated contemporary artist, using light, line, and transparency as her medium. A unique combination of concise minimalism and abstract expressionism, her work explores subtle transitions of transparency and hue to delve into audience’s subconscious and humanism. … Continue reading

Christine Cathie

Born and schooled in Wellington, New Zealand, Christine Cathie trained as a graphic artist and subsequently developed a highly successful career in graphic design. Attracted by the challenge of working in three dimensions, Cathie began to explore cast glass as … Continue reading

Lisa Cahill

Lisa Cahill creates dreamlike images within her finely carved glass artworks, allowing the viewer to draw associations with their own remembered landscapes, resulting in a meditative and or emotional response. Inspiration for this work ranges from the colours, textures and … Continue reading

Giles Bettison

Giles Bettison has become one of Australia’s most dominant and recognised glass artists. This acclaim can be attributed to his unique & strikingly beautiful application of colour, patterns and forms in his continual exploration of the traditional techniques of Murrini … Continue reading

Clare Belfrage

Inspired by experiences in the natural world for many years now, Clare Belfrage has forged an international reputation for her distinguished work with detailed and complex glass drawing on blown glass forms. She has maintained a vibrant practice for over … Continue reading

Galia Amsel

Galia Amsel is a contemporary New Zealand glass artist. She was born in London in 1967 and graduated with first class honours in ceramics and glass from Middlesex Polytechnic in 1989. She then attended the Royal College of Art in … Continue reading