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Ceramics, Glass + Fibre

Mel George

Glass Artist, Queanbeyan, NSW, Australia

I have always had a deep connection with my family, friends and home and it is my time and experience with them that I find my inspiration.

Over the years, my description of home has changed and my group of family and friends have grown. With each addition and change, I have found myself grasping to hold the minutes spent with each until, ultimately, the time passes and leaves me with only notions of nostalgia.

To give permanent form to the passing of time, I see my work as “monuments” to moments. Each work is created to both celebrate and mourn the passing of time with the people and the places with which I am connected. I use glass to give structure to these shrines. I find that glass’ perceived fragility resonates well with my concepts.

My work has evolved from translating common objects into glass and placing them together in simple settings to vignettes telling the story of my affliction of homesickness. I have made work based on intimate reminders such as postcards, calendars and Polaroids, all with an aim to memorialise reminiscence. To echo the abbreviated nature of a moment, I make small work that is equally intimate in scale and therefore invites the viewer to come in close for a long look.

Recently, I have relocated back to my hometown. I see that the advancement of time has altered the shape and scope of the place and people of my old home. I am currently making works that hold still a depiction of the ever falling, fleeting and flowing movement of clouds to capture the cascading feeling of time.