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Ben Edols & Kathy Elliott,

Main Gallery and Gallery Two   6 - 29 September 2007

Ben Edols and Kathy Elliott – Evolve

Sabbia Gallery presents this long awaited solo exhibition by two of Australia’s most successful contemporary glass artists.

Ben Edols & Kathy Elliott have always been on the forefront of the contemporary Glass movement in Australia. Graduating within a year of each other from the prestigious Glass Studio at Canberra School of Art and under the tutelage of Klaus Moje, they formed part of the exclusive group of new graduates that enjoyed almost immediate international attention for their remarkable skill with the medium.

They represent a unique working situation where the elements of glass making have been split and shared, so as to compliment the individual skills that they each bring to the partnership. Ben Edols is renowned for his glass blowing skills and is considered one of Australia’s best. Similarly, Kathy Elliott brings an ease to the incredibly difficult glass cutting, that requires not only strength and patience, but also a strong visual determination to achieve the desired result.

Evolve marks their 15th year together in a partnership rarely seen within any art medium. This exhibition further explores their recent exploration of botanical forms in the Australian environment, and the play of light through the form and surface cutting. It is built on the life that they share together in Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

Included in such prestigious collections as the Victoria & Albert Museum, London, the American Craft Museum and the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, Evolve is a fantastic chance to see glass that captivates the viewer and gives a glimpse of lives that are entwined with a shared love of glass as an art medium.