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Ceramics, Glass + Fibre

ROL1_Memory Invention

Tania Rollond, An Autumn Crossing, 2007, Porcelain with oxides drawings, 200 h x 150mm d

Gallery Two   5 - 28 April 2007

Tania Rollond – Memory & Invention

Memory & Invention – New Works in Porcelain sees a shift in form, scale and mark making by Tania Rollond, in her first long awaited solo exhibition in Sabbia Gallery’s annexed space, Gallery Two.

Based on the vessel, these finely thrown porcelain cylinders, bowls and bottles provide a canvas for the meandering lines and mark making that Rollond’s work is renowned for. The soft matt finish of the Southern Ice Porcelain offers a contrast to the strong graphic quality of the drawings.

“Memories are the source; fragments of information with which to build. Invention is the method for creating; trying actions and feeling reactions, making and breaking the rules, responding to the interplay of forces. Each work records a journey; from eye to brain, to hand, through the materials and processes, by way of memory and invention……into being.”