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Greg Daly, Glaze on Glaze Platter with Vase, 2007, Hand thrown & glazed ceramics, gold & silver leaf

Main Gallery   10 May - 02 June 2007

Greg Daly – Shades of Red

Sabbia Gallery presents this beautiful solo exhibition by one of Australia’s most influential ceramic artists.


“Shades of Red” will be held in Sabbia Gallery’s main exhibition space as part of its ongoing commitment to the promotion of Australian contemporary studio ceramics.


Greg Daly is a member of the International Academy of Ceramics – Geneva, a ceramicist of national and international standing, with works in national and over 20 international galleries and museums.


Greg’s work is based on the vessel, be it a vase, platter or bowl. His works are decorated with complex glazes which are either smooth, satin and opaque, soft to the touch, or glossy & glassy, such as his rich lime greens and blue glazes. His work is highly identifiable with the addition on some works of gold & silver leaf and enamels that further enrich the surface.

“I have concern for the whole piece – throwing, finishing, glazing, firing, decorating are all important to me in the creation of the work. Images, illusions of surface and the form they are placed upon create individual works”.

The Copper Red glaze emerged during the Sung Dynasty in China over 500 years ago. It is a rare and difficult glaze and is created through changing the firing conditions in the kiln. Through his skill with glazes, Greg has created a rich and varied palette of reds, which combined with gold and silver leaf, develop sumptuous surfaces and covettable pieces.

Shades of Red promises to wow its audience with Greg’s overwhelmingly beautiful forms and his continuing use of luscious glazes within his practice.