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Ceramics, Glass + Fibre

Jessica Loughlin – Cerulean Cycles – 2022 – glass wall panel installation

Jessica Loughlin, Cerulean Cycles, 2021, kiln formed and hand ground glass wall installation, set of ten, 490 h x 3540 w x 30mm d installed

Main Gallery   6 - 10 September 2023

SYDNEY CONTEMPORARY – quint essence . an exhibition of five outstanding female artists

Sabbia Gallery is pleased to present quint essence, an exhibition of five outstanding female artists.

Jessica Loughlin, Maricelle Olivier, Margaret Rarru Garrawurra, Helen Ganalmirriwuy Garrawurra + Mandy Batjula Gaykamangu.

This distinctive exhibition curated for Sydney Contemporary 2023 highlights the diversity in the contemporary art fields of ceramics, glass and fibre by
five important artists who each weave their unique cultural background into their artworks.

Each artist is united in their relationship to their material, their sense of place and their place within the Australian landscape.

Premier First Nations artists Margaret Rarru Garrawurra (2022 Telstra NATSIAA major award recipient) and Helen Ganalmirriwuy Garrawurra share
their expertise with their niece Mandy Batjula Gaykamangu, resulting in a collaborative collection of new artworks in fibre by these three women. The
rare black fibre which will be used in the artworks for Sydney Contemporary is an innovation of both the Garrawurra sisters, unique to them, and by
sharing this knowledge with Gaykamangu it secures the future generation’s knowledge of this artistry.

Senior Australian artist Jessica Loughlin was honoured as the 2022 SALA ICON artist, with a four year travelling exhibition and beautiful monograph.
Loughlin is known for her quiet understated approach to kiln formed glass. Her many years of walking through the salt lakes of South Australia and
Victoria has given her a profound understanding of light and space. Her artworks prompt a meditative reverie influenced by her fascination with the
beauty of emptiness within the natural environment. A series on long wall installations will form Loughlin’s inclusion in this presentation.

South African born Maricelle Olivier is an exciting early career artist whose artworks in ceramics embrace the dramatic and vivid colours of both her
mother country and the desert landscape of Australia where she has spent so much time, whilst working at Ernabella in the APY Lands over the last
three four years. Olivier’s medium of ceramics provides a link to her personal history and geography. The focal point upon each piece stands as the surface
decoration of cross continental interpretations, visually translated onto hand built and wheel thrown forms. Olivier will be creating a spectacular
grouping of ceramic forms as a long installation.

quint essence is a refined and dramatic exhibition of new works by these five premier female artists, curated so that the viewer will be fully immersed
within the space and each artists installation of artworks. The sculptural forms and wall panels will predominantly occupy the walls, with a limited
number of pieces sitting within the space, guiding the viewer on a journey through materiality, culture and landscape.