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Ceramics, Glass + Fibre

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Sabbia Gallery Directors Maria Grimaldi and Anna Grigson, Redfern, September 2019. Photo Greg Piper

Ceramics, Glass + Fibre

Sabbia has become the premier gallery for the representation of Australia’s finest contemporary ceramic and glass artists. The gallery presents a comprehensive yearly exhibition schedule of both solo exhibitions of new work by its stable of artists, and curated group exhibitions, including the prestigious annual Masters of Glass and Masters of Ceramics exhibitions.

Sabbia Gallery also offers its Australian and international clients art consultancy, collection management and valuation services.

After fifteen years, including a decade in Paddington Sydney, we have spread our wings and moved to a beautiful new gallery space in Redfern in September 2019.

The new gallery also sees Sabbia’s expansion into fibre based works as well as continuing to work closely with Indigenous artists from remote parts of Australia.

Sabbia Gallery, which opened in March 2005 in Surry Hills, and then in Paddington from November 2009 until 2019, has become well known internationally for its high standards of excellence, with respect to quality, display and service, establishing itself amongst the most prominent gallery spaces in Australia. The gallery presents a diverse group of internationally renowned artists who are creating dynamic and innovative artworks. They display the variety, quality and growth of the ceramic, glass and fibre movements and together are a compelling exhibiting presence.

We invite you to enjoy our gallery, and some of the most exciting art in the country.

Directors Anna Grigson and Maria Grimaldi