sabbia gallery

Australian Studio Glass & Ceramics

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The representation of Australia and New Zealand’s finest contemporary studio glass and ceramic artists.


Sabbia Gallery has become Sydney’s premier commercial gallery specialising in the exhibition and representation of Australia and New Zealand’s foremost contemporary studio glass and ceramic artists.

The gallery presents a diverse group of internationally renowned artists, who are creating dynamic and innovative artworks. They display the variety, quality and growth of the Australian and New Zealand studio glass and ceramic movements and together are a compelling exhibiting presence.

Located in the centre of Sydney’s famous Paddington arts district, Sabbia Gallery’s spacious interior in combination with a mix of natural and gallery lighting, creates the perfect setting for the quality representation and exhibition of its artists.

Sabbia Gallery, which opened in March 2005 in Surry Hills, and then in Paddington from November 2009, has become well known internationally for its high standards of excellence, with respect to quality, display and service, establishing itself amongst the most prominent gallery spaces in Australia.

Sabbia Gallery presents work that is at the forefront of contemporary studio glass and ceramic practice within a fine arts context, and has brought an exciting new dynamic to Sydney, and in turn becoming a valuable addition to the Australian contemporary arts scene.

The gallery presents a comprehensive yearly exhibition schedule of both solo exhibitions presenting new work by its stable of artists, and curated group exhibitions, including the prestigious annual Masters of Glass and Masters of Ceramics exhibitions.

Sabbia Gallery offers its clients art and interior consultancy services in the development of a private, corporate or public collection, advice regarding investment art, management of an existing collection, and the placement of art within a residential or corporate environment.

We invite you to enjoy our gallery, and some of the most exciting art in the country.

Directors Anna Grigson and Maria Grimaldi