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Ceramics, Glass + Fibre

Main Gallery   30 June - 24 July 2021

Brenden Scott French – Temporal Looping

Sabbia Gallery is excited to present Brenden's upcoming solo exhibition. One of the most exciting glass artists in Australia, he says of this new body of work "I have approached landscape as an historical concept realized as a metaphor of power, looping through constructs of original habitation, identity and identification and geologic environmental perceptions. Navigating this construct through the politic and experience of inclusion and exclusion, these new works endeavor to provide a coherent point of reference to the relationship between power and trust".

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Gallery Two   30 June - 24 July 2021

Amelia Lynch – Kaleidoscope

Sabbia Gallery is pleased to present Kaleidoscope, the solo exhibition by Amelia Lynch, the 2018 winner of the Sabbia Gallery Exhibition Prize for National Art School Graduates in Ceramics. 'When I interact with the tactile qualities of clay I create a physical connection to my work that help me to express the meaning that I am aiming to represent. Together, with the combination of my vessels, and my Master of Fine Arts (MFA) ‘Kaleidoscopic Series’, I aim to provide insight into how my interaction with clay has evolved. These two series work in a sense collaboratively because in my vessels I experimented with size, shape and texture which were all elements that I wanted to focus on moving forward as an artist, testing the boundaries of what I could achieve. In my MFA I found a way to test those boundaries by trying to visually depict the micro and macro landscape of Australia. This included trying to represent things such as; textures of eucalyptus bark, wattle flowers, concave rock pools and the reflections of water in bush creeks. My Kaleidoscopic Series explores various different depictions of my interaction within the Australian landscape whilst also expanding on the previous work I had done with my vessels'. Amelia Lynch 2021

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Gallery Two   4 - 28 August 2021

Maricelle Olivier – Technicolour Desert

Maricelle Olivier reflects on the last months of  her time living and working in Ernabella, a remote Indigenous community located in the far northwest of South Australia. This new body of work draws on the vivid colours that make up the complexion of the desert. Each vessel is a visual representation of different elements found in the dry, arid central Australia that she has come to call home for the past two and a half years. Together, the vessels echo the technicolour radiance of the desert during the last light of the day, stretching endless in spectacular golden awe.

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Main Gallery   4 September - 02 October 2021

Honor Freeman – lave

Lave . (to wash. to bathe. (of water) to wash over or against. 'This timely body of work continues my exploration into the poetic potential of the simple and ubiquitous bar of soap. A small yet quietly powerful object that has gathered heightened meaning during the pandemic with the return of hand washing rituals. Behind soap’s deceptively benign exterior and sweet fragrance lingers the whiff of nineteenth-century propagandist regimes of care, comfort and control. Using the mimetic qualities of clay via the process of slip casting, this new series interacts with ideas of liquid made solid. The porcelain casts remember the almost obsolete objects; the liquid slip solidifies becoming a precise memory of a past form - a ghost'. Honor Freeman, 2021

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Gallery Two   4 September - 02 October 2021

Christine Cathie – Light Cast

Sabbia Gallery is delighted to present this solo exhibition of new works in glass by Christine Cathie. I’ve been thinking about getting some works on to the wall for quite a while – but wanted a minimal looking fitting that didn’t detract from the glass itself. A commission where the client wanted some wall works gave me the impetus to resolve these fittings, enabling them to appear to float freely with few of the constraints a base requires. Standing out from the wall and using the same calligraphic forms of twists and changes in thickness that are a signature of my work, these pieces cast intriguing shadows from the light.

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Main Gallery   13 October - 06 November 2021

Matthew Curtis – Luminous Margin

In developing this body of work, Curtis’s keen eye for symmetry and mathematical precision have become peripheral, yielding a more meditative approach to the alignment of form. Working with a subtle and shifting palate of hues, referencing the traditional glassblowing technique of submerso. The composition of these fields of colour, veneers encasing the encompassed blown void, accentuates their boundaries and margins. Reflecting upon how objects and ideas need at times to yield and accommodate each other to fit together harmoniously.

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Gallery Two   13 October - 06 November 2021

Alichia van Rhijn – Lemon Light

'Lemon Light' by Alichia van Rhijn presents sculptural works that reference early memories of childhood, both before her immigration to Australia and after. Multi-faceted elements and anthropomorphic forms are in a state of flux. Shifting and changing as they span the fluidity of time, these forms investigate phenomenological notions, alluding to personal and shared experience, memory, nostalgia and trauma. Through the use of distilled minimalist forms, symbolic and ritualistic totems are arranged throughout the space, hoping to initiate pause and contemplation. 

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Main Gallery   17 November - 18 December 2021

Together we tell our stories II : Indigenous Glass, Ceramics, Fibre + Sculpture

Sabbia’s bi-annual Indigenous exhibition Together we tell our stories II presents a group of Indigenous artists and communities who are telling their own stories whilst creating artwork at the highest level with their chosen materials. Each artist is looking back at traditions for inspiration, whilst at the same time looking forward, creating extraordinary artwork as contemporary artists and developing their studio practice.

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Gallery Two   17 November - 18 December 2021

Tjunkaya Tapaya OAM

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Gallery Two   17 November - 18 December 2021

Lynette Lewis & Jayanna Andy

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