sabbia gallery

Ceramics, Glass + Fibre

Main Gallery   8 September - 02 October 2021

Honor Freeman – lave

lave . (to wash. to bathe. (of water) to wash over or against). This timely body of work continues my exploration into the poetic potential of the simple and ubiquitous bar of soap. A small yet quietly powerful object that has gathered heightened meaning during the pandemic with the return of hand washing rituals. Behind soap’s deceptively benign exterior and sweet fragrance lingers the whiff of nineteenth century propagandist regimes of care, comfort and control. Using the mimetic qualities of clay via the process of slip casting, this new series interacts with ideas of liquid made solid. The porcelain casts remember the almost obsolete objects; the liquid slip solidifies becoming a precise memory of a past form - a ghost. Scentless and forever preserved in porcelain. Honor Freeman, August 2021

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Gallery Two   8 September - 02 October 2021

Christine Cathie – Light Cast

Sabbia Gallery is delighted to present this solo exhibition of new works in glass by Christine Cathie. To ‘cast’ is to perform one of many possible actions We cast to create beautiful objects from hot molten liquid in to moulds. We cast actors into stories that are not their own. We cast shadows and doubts against our own expectations. I am casting glass into cursive shapes, relishing the curvaceous flourish of brush stroke in substantial solid curves that rewrite meaning from the light it receives. I am guided by the shape of my hill bound environment, the rolling curvaceous hills and skylines and ever changing seascape; nature’s shapes scribed in natural glass. These works sit proud from the wall surface, bringing a floating sensation to the form. Contrasts of polished and satin surfaces provide an extra dimension to the glass’s visual language, projecting colour and contrast against the surrounding surfaces it ultimately reaches. More often than not glass is a material we look through to see beyond, yet this gestural celebration in glass highlights the ability of this super fluid medium to draw and convey a story in its own right. The calligraphic connotation is important in this work, the freedom of a brush stroke giving a sense of immediacy and movement. I am moved by this work, and I invite the viewer to investigate their own senses of motion and wonder. Christine Cathie, August 2021

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