sabbia gallery

Ceramics, Glass + Fibre

Gallery Two   24 July - 17 August 2024

Iriti-nguru Kunpu / Strong History

Sabbia is pleased to present this long awaited exhibition of new works by senior artists Alison Milyika Carroll, Rupert Jack and Renita Stanley. These three important artists were among the founding members of the Ernabella Arts ceramics studio over twenty years ago and this exhibition celebrates their art and the influence they have had on the success of Pukatja ceramics.

We have been working here together at this art centre for a long time, many years. We have been working together strong and as a family. We are making works together ngapartji-ngapartji (reciprocally). Ernabella Arts is the oldest Indigenous art centre because those old people who started this art centre have passed away and we are now looking after this place and working here. Now more young people are coming in to learn and work and make beautiful things. We are showing them how to work and how to look after this art centre.

Alison Milyika Carroll, 2024