sabbia gallery

Ceramics, Glass + Fibre

Main Gallery   18 April - 12 May 2018

Alexandra Chambers – Urban Storytelling

Sabbia Gallery is pleased to present this solo exhibition by Canberra glass artist Alexandra Chambers.

My current body of work is based on the notion of Urban Storytelling, reflecting on our connections with past and present technologies familiar with our popular culture and domestic life.

We are witnessing a technological evolution, rapidly forming all around us.
For my generation, with the excitement, and curiosity of this technical progression, comes a sense of Nostalgia.

I’m making objects that contain memory reflecting personal history, and the rapid advancement of technology demonstrated in my lifetime alone, and how much has changed within domestic life.

I use glass as a medium to represent objects, which are defunct, or ‘extinct’, combined with objects familiar to our Popular Culture we are currently living in.
The glass components become artefacts, preserved to tell a story for future generations on what life was all about “back then”.

The juxtaposition of new technology and ‘old’ are a common thread within the work. I wish for the viewer to be transported into their own personal memory within the individual spaces, capturing the moment, and the feeling of familiarity.

I enjoy making work that’s a bit humorous and makes you think a little, about your life, past-history, and the stories we’ll be telling our grandchildren.

Alexandra Chambers, 2018