sabbia gallery

Ceramics, Glass + Fibre


Cathy Franzi, Mountain Devil, 2022, porcelain, wheel thrown and altered, sgraffito, 396 h x 195 w x 170mm d

Main Gallery   5 - 29 July 2023

Cathy Franzi – Coast to Coast

Sabbia Gallery is please to present this solo exhibition in ceramics by Cathy Franzi.

‘For this exhibition I explore the similarities and differences between the coast and flora of Sydney and that of Albany in the south-west of Western Australia. An artist residency in Vancouver Arts Centre, Albany in summer 2023, assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body, provided the opportunity to immerse myself in this biodiversity hotspot. Respect for First Nation custodians underpins my research in nature reserves and the surrounding landscape. My interest in botanical history is sparked by these two locations, one on the east and one on the west, where early European exploration led to scientific discoveries and documentation. The extensive bays and coastline of both harbours and the endemic and extraordinary flora give ample inspiration for this new body of work.’

Cathy Franzi, 2023