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Main Gallery   10 October - 03 November 2012

Kirstie Rea – Described By A Day

Sabbia Gallery and Kirstie Rea will be taking part in Art and About Sydney 2012. Please join us on Saturday 13th October between 2 – 3pm for Kirstie Rea’s artist talk where she provides us with insights into her practice and the process she employs to create everyday objects out of glass. Internationally recognized, Kirstie has been working in glass for over 30 years. She is known for her assemblies of glass and metal to create engaging artworks that place everyday objects in unexpected ways.

For more information please visit the Art & About website

Sabbia Gallery is pleased to present ‘Described by a Day’, a very beautiful solo exhibition by internationally recognised artist Kirstie Rea. Kirstie has been practising for twenty five years and her work is held in some of the world’s most important glass collections.

Kirstie says of her work:

The source of ‘energy’ for my creative process begins in outdoor spaces. This work investigates possibilities and locations for the generation of this embodied creative energy. Each composition explores how this embodied energy is brought into our interior, lived spaces and ways that it lodges and resides there in reserve.

Glass as a material has the ability to hold and express creative energy as a contained reality and is employed in this way. The physical materials and their arrangements aim to produce an experience that extends beyond the tangible but still reflect the everyday. The inside spaces are represented by objects from our lived interiors such as a shelf or chair whilst the experience of the outside space is embedded within the glass components