sabbia gallery

Ceramics, Glass + Fibre

Gallery Two   24 July - 17 August 2019

Hannah Gason – Disentangle

Sabbia Gallery is pleased to present this exhibition of new works in glass by 2017 Ausglass Sabbia Gallery Award Recipient Hannah Gason.

As I move through the soft evening light, a mess of entangled marks start to disperse. In this space, complexity starts to feel very far away. As the air touches my cheek, my focus turns to the rhythm of repetition, shifting colour and fading noise. Clusters of jarring, jumbled marks held tight, slowly become unstuck as they embrace their surrounds of colour and light.

‘Disentangle’ brings together a series of glass panels that explore expression through mark making. Informed by abstraction and mapping, layers and marks convey both the external and internal. The works are made up of multiple fragments, reflecting the differing views and perspectives I encounter in the outdoors. Each work celebrates the dynamic colours of my surrounds. Whether I am walking by the lake, across open parkland or amongst nature reserves, shifting colour draws my attention and calms. The open space allows me to think, to feel. It is quiet and comforting and my mind can disentangle.

Hannah Gason 2019