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Ceramics, Glass + Fibre


Jeffery Mincham AM, Floodplain, 2005, multi glazed, mid fired earthenware, 320 h x 370mm d

Main Gallery   8 September - 08 October 2005

Jeffery Mincham AM – Enduring Nature

An important exhibition from one of Australia’s most influential ceramic artists, Jeff Mincham. “As my work over time has become focused more and more on the themes of nature the cyclical events and the indicators of the passing of time have captured my attention. Some of these events are fleeting, others are very gradual, and all are interconnected. To reflect on their meaning and give form and expression to that reflection is complex and challenging.

It is in the nature of clay that it always stays one step ahead of you and remarkable things do happen. It takes time and experience to bring all the strands together and the longer you endure the more you understand, as long as you have the nerve!” Jeff Mincham exhibits his most beautiful work to date in “Enduring Nature”. With a combination of wall panels, vessel & sculptural forms the show explores the diversity in contemporary ceramic practice and thought. Jeff Mincham is considered one of Australia’s icons in the development of contemporary ceramics. This exhibition is not to be missed!