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Ceramics, Glass + Fibre

Main Gallery   15 April - 07 May 2016

Nick Mount – Hard + Soft Geometry

Sabbia Gallery is pleased to present this beautiful showing of new works by glass Master Nick Mount.

Nick Mount is one of Australia’s most accomplished and celebrated studio glass artists. Approaching his fifth decade working in the field, he has been at the forefront of innovation and achievement since the early 1970s.

Mount’s earliest and most enduring influences include the US west coast glass scene and the traditions of the Venetians. Informed but not confined by tradition, Mount is known for his production, commission and exhibition work. Since the late 1990s the latter has comprised of an evolving series of sculptural assemblages. Ranging in scale and character, they describe an aesthetic that is both provocative and playful, intimate and spectacular.

Nicks’s work is represented in major public and private collections and his reputation as a generous teacher, demonstrator and mentor sees him teaching regularly at glass centres around the world.

Hard and Soft Geometry presents glass compositions combining form and texture imbued with the perfect soft geometry of nature. Some are surface worked with low fired glass enamel.

Drawing has always played an important role in my practice. It has an immediacy and accessibility unavailable when working with glass. Motivated by an interest in incorporating the gestural nature of drawing into my work, I developed an enamel pencil that when fired onto the glass, remains permanent.

Created in the traditions of hot and cold glass work, each component is considered, addressed, stacked, arranged and balanced. The still life  compositions reference  a long and rich tradition in art history. The Beacons celebrate no specific occasion or event, but are markers that may indicate any moment in the passage of time.