sabbia gallery

Ceramics, Glass + Fibre

Gallery Two   4 - 25 November 2023

Judi Elliott – A Retrospective

In Judi Elliott’s 50th year as an artist, Sabbia Gallery presents a Retrospective.

As she finds her ability to work with glass diminishing, whilst her creative practice still flourishes, Judi has taken up painting again. This exhibition will be a unique opportunity to celebrate one of Australia’s most dynamic artists who now looks back on artworks as moments of time in her career with these materials. Known best for her solid approach to colour in her glass practice, and often referencing life living and responding to space in her Enrico Taglietti home in Canberra, this exhibition will showcase the depth of her practice and will feature her ceramics, glass and recent paintings.


I know what shape I am. Metaphorically speaking. I am a square. I often try to be round, but I am uneasy with it. Round slips away from you easily. Squares are positive and strong. You know where you are with a square.

I have been working with architecture as my inspiration for many years now. I am now focusing on the standing house and wall. I find that each building and wall that one encounters in life, is embedded with the lives of the people who have inhabited them. I try to recreate these feelings in my walls and buildings. My structures can stand alone, but gain strength by being grouped together in two’s, three’s etc

My work has been influenced by Enrico Taglietti’s architecture. I had the experience of living in an ‘Enrico House’ for many years, and its influence and beauty were amazing. Attuned to form, living in the house was like living in a sculpture.

I believe that there is no necessity to force change open one’s work. The joys and sorrows are impacted in the work as we live them, and are there for all to see.

Judi Elliott, October 2023