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Ceramics, Glass + Fibre


Brenden Scott French, SOLD Predator - When I first touched the ground, 2011, kiln & hot formed glass - 3 components, H 35 x W 72 x D 7.5cm

Main Gallery   6 - 30 April 2011

Brenden Scott French – Open Negative

Utilising the world renowned Bullseye glass stock, Brenden continues his exploration of glass into thick layers of opaque colours that reference landscape and blur the boundaries between material and abstraction. Heavily influenced by humans and their destructive behaviours, particularly in the landscape, as seen in the Predator series, French identifies that his cold working technique allows him to be bold with colour, as he sees that the world is inherently a colourful place that is full of beauty, often in the least likely of places. One of Australia’s most exciting artists in glass and an important exhibition for Sabbia.