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Ceramics, Glass + Fibre


Scent Bottle # 010811, 2011, Blown glass, carved, polished, assembled, H 110 x W 125 x D 25cm

Main Gallery   23 August - 17 September 2011

Nick Mount – Plumb

Since the mid 90’s I have been working on an evolving series of sculptural glass works that I have entitled ‘Scent Bottles’. The title refers in part to the compositions of the pieces and the traditions of forming small vessels in glass for the purpose of containing precious fluids. It also refers to my belief that every finely crafted work will reflect the identity of the craftsperson and contain the “Scent” of its maker. These pieces are made in response to my sense of wonder for the material and the intimate relationship between the maker and their medium.

More recently I have been working with the idea that it is the work itself (not the finished object, but the toil) that gives us our identity. Especially for those of us who have the privilege of regarding ourselves as ‘makers’. It is our skills and relationship with our process, tools and materials, but just as much, the work itself that gives us our sense of where we are and what we might have to offer.

My most recent works have been designed and made in reference to my belief in the fabric of work, with tools as a motif. The Plumb Bob that has appeared as a component in the Scent Bottles for quite a while has become more of an object in its own right. Suspended Bobs, Reclining Bobs and for this exhibition the Bubble of a spirit level, all indicators of PLUMB. These are more minimal compositions than the Scent Bottles but retain the integrity of the traditional glass making techniques and carry a very personal message of the value of toil.

Nick Mount 2011