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Nick Wirdnam, Private: Nick Wirdnam, Abstract Wishes - Amber, 2006, hot sculpted glass, metal stand

Main Gallery   15 June - 15 July 2006

Nick Wirdnam – Portraits: Past and Present

Sabbia Gallery is thrilled to present PORTRAITS : PAST & PRESENT, the first solo exhibition for NICK WIRDNAM in Australia since 2000.

Back from a highly successful solo show at William Traver Gallery
in Seattle, Washington, this exhibition will give our Sydney audience the opportunity to view his stunning glass sculptures, wall and ceiling installations.

Nick’s work, over the last ten years, has been an exploration of the sculptural elements of glass. Through the use of composition and narrative he has been able to freely express his thoughts. His skill with glass gives him the opportunity to contemplate, compose, to add, subtract, adjust, contribute and develop his narratives, his life stories – as sculpture and portraits, relying on reality, intuition and a wealth of experience.

“Portraits : Past and Present” is an important exhibition inspired directly by Nick’s family, personal circumstances and experiences.
It is always Nick’s intention to achieve a peaceful calmness, a silence, offering the viewer clues to the emotion behind the work & inviting involvement in the tranquility of these familiar forms, yet still be free to interpret them as they wish.

Nick’s glass is highly collectible and sought after due to the strong relationship which exists between his work and his audience.