sabbia gallery

Ceramics, Glass + Fibre

Gallery Two   18 May - 18 June 2016

Pukatjalanguru kungka tjuta kunpu warkarinytja – Ernabella women: strong work, together

Ernabella Arts is Australia’s oldest, continually running Indigenous art centre. Established in 1948 and incorporated in 1974, the art centre is known for strong and diverse art making in the mediums of painting, ceramics, tjanpi and punu.

Sabbia Gallery is pleased to present this womens only collection of new works from the ever thriving and growing ceramics community of Ernabella. The exhibition includes artworks by Alison Milyika Carroll, Lynette Lewis, Janice Stanley, Carlene Thompson, Janelle Muwitja Nakamarra Thompson and Tjimpuna Williams.

Our drawings, our designs are inside us, they are part of us in the same way we are part of this country. We are putting down our country and our stories. We are following the steps of our grandparents, they left the marks for us to follow. What we are doing now is what they taught us. So we need to do the same thing for the generations coming behind us. This is our responsibility.

Anne Thompson