sabbia gallery

Ceramics, Glass + Fibre

Main Gallery   5 - 29 September 2012

Tom Rowney – Retortoli

Sabbia Gallery presents Retòrtoli a solo exhibition by Tom Rowney. Retòrtoli is Tom’s first major solo exhibition in Australia and promises to be engaging with the level of skill shown. Tom has been working in glass for over 20 years and during this time the traditional Venetian techniques have been his constant source of inspiration. He has perfected his skills and is renowned as one of the most accomplished glass blowers in Australia.

Retòrtoli refers to the name of the canes that are used in the glass techniques of zanfirico or filigrana. The cane style of glass blowing is one that is specific to Venetian glass blowing, where strands of opaque glass rods are encased and arranged within layers of translucent glass. The artist can then manipulate the arrangement within the object at the glass blowing stage.

Tom says of his work: Venetian styled cane work has been the singular most drive and passion to my particular glass blowing style for so many years. Retòrtoli is my own personal tribute to the use of Venetian cane work and the idea that it is the basis, or initial canes, that are the forming element of all of my works which are the building blocks of the finished piece.

The underlying element of the constructed sphere pieces are a combination of adding and building up a work whilst utilising multiple simpler elements combined into one final form.

Retòrtoli features unique assemblages along with intricate cane worked vessels where the level of skill that is needed is extraordinary. This is a great opportunity to see traditional Venetian glass techniques used within a very contemporary context and a great introduction to the Australian glass movement.