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Ceramics, Glass + Fibre


Sophie Thomas, Spiral I, II & III, 2007, slipcast and carved porcelain

Gallery Two   15 June - 14 July 2007

Sophie Thomas – Spirals

Presenting Spirals, a beautiful solo exhibition by dynamic ceramist Sophie Thomas. Sophie will be presenting recent work which uses an innovative technique that seeks to reference the spiral structures of shells and plants. By altering the porcelain and stoneware slip cast forms on the wheel, Sophie then carves into the surface to create texture and reveal layers & colours beneath the surface, all the time following and enhancing the natural curve of the form.

She describes it as this: ‘The coloured textural surfaces are developed by carving through multi layers of coloured slip to produce visually interesting and tactile surfaces that encourage touch. This carving technique creates a vibrant sense of energy through the contrasting colours that integrate with the form giving the illusion that the textural surfaces have grown with the form.’

Spirals will give it’s audience a unique opportunity to view these amazing pieces in a single venue, and are a must in any collection!