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Ceramics, Glass + Fibre


Susie Choi, Powwow, 2023, stoneware, mid fire porcelain, glaze, lustre - 4 components, 240 h x 270 w x 200mm d installed

Gallery Two   6 - 22 December 2023

Susie Choi

Susie Choi is an Australian-born artist who lives and works on Gadigal and Wangal Land in Sydney. Her practice spans ceramics, sculpture and installation, and she is guided by ideas that confound and amuse her. The sources of inspiration for her work stem mainly from childhood memories including toys and playgrounds, the material culture of South Korea, and elements of Australian popular culture.

Each body of work unfolds in a series of stages: mould-making, slip-casting, glazing and multiple firings. These processes provide opportunities for continual experimentation and refinement, and elements are kept modular where possible, in order to allow for ongoing building, rearranging and play. The resulting forms and artworks in their soft palette of pastel colours evoke a sense of nostalgia and invite audiences to reconnect with their own childhood memories and experiences.

Susie Choi is the recipient of the 2021 Sabbia Gallery Mentorship and Solo Exhibition Award which is offered to a graduate in the ceramics department at the National Art School Sydney annually.