sabbia gallery

Ceramics, Glass + Fibre

Main Gallery   29 March - 19 April 2023

Ted Secombe – Alchemist

After months experimenting with his glazes and forms master potter Ted Secombe presents his most recent body of work in this wonderful exhibition from 29 March to 19 April 2023.

Ted Secombe is regarded as one of Australia’s most significant and accomplished ceramic artists. Since 1979 he has exhibited his works within Australia and overseas including Holland, India, Japan, New Zealand and the USA.

My current body of work embodies a desire to unlock the potential of innovative glazing and firing processes to produce a visual not yet seen in ceramic process. It is living life on the edge and increases losses from the kiln. I resist succumbing to a status quo approach in my work practice. Glaze tests are run in every firing and they often reveal new pathways of research . In recent times unorthodox temperature manipulation, differing glaze application and atmospheric variations have become part of the armoury . This has revealed glaze surfaces with a more captivating visual appeal. This is exciting for me as it allows me to produce work that continues to tell a story. By rotating a piece a new visual is revealed. I refer to my current ceramic forms as distilled. I believe pure and simple are the best vehicle for the complex glazes I produce. I attempt to emulate the majesty of nature whether it be organic or inorganic. Having an inquisitive mind has allowed me to acquire the methodology I believe to build a relationship between my work and the natural world.

Ted Secombe, 2023