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Emma Varga, Ruby Red Sky #3, 2008, fused and kilnformed glass

Main Gallery   22 May - 14 June 2008

Emma Varga – Vibrant

Sabbia Gallery presents this long awaited stunning solo exhibition by one of Australia’s most dedicated and talented glass artists.

Emma Varga, originally from Yugoslavia, is an internationally acclaimed artist, who has been living and working in Australia since emigrating here in 1995. She now lives and works at her studio in the northern beaches of Sydney, where she looks on to a wondrous landscape of bush, beach and lagoon.

Emma Varga’s world changed dramatically when she came to Australia in 1995. A relaxed lifestyle and new sense of freedom greatly influenced the way in which she could now approach her art. Emma’s first view of a sunset over the red centre made a lasting impression on her. The colours of the Australian landscape, with the vibrant reds, clear blues, luscious greens and brilliant whites, have been a great source of inspiration for Emma over the last 13 years.

Emma is a highly skilled and passionate glass artist. Her technique of fusing and casting multiple layers of glass sheets, frits and powders, then highly polishing them is a complicated and lengthy process.

Emma challenges herself every day to create works that some how express her infatuation with her environment. The interiors of her glass forms allow the viewer the opportunity to better understand this wonderful talent, and in some way experience the same sense of beauty, colour, light, and movement that are so important to Emma – in her life and her work.

Emma has been involved in a number of major solo and group exhibitions since the 1970’s both overseas and in Australia. Her work has been collected in some of the most prominent public and private collections around the world, and continues to be an artist whom is greatly admired by both collectors and her contemporaries.

One of Sabbia Gallery’s signature exhibitions of 2008!