sabbia gallery

Ceramics, Glass + Fibre


View, 2013, Murrine technique, fused and carved glass wall panel, H 74 x W 74 x D 1cm

Gallery Two   7 - 31 August 2013

Janice Vitkovsky – View

My current direction in making is very much grounded in the historic glass technique named Murrine. This technique allows me to create intricate patterns and lines that travel through the glass creating a moiré effect. Once this glass is fused into free- standing and wall pieces, this effect plays with the viewer’s interaction with the work, changing as you move around it.

By employing this technique, I am interested in depicting fluidity and motion within abstract form, in order to convey notions of impermanence.

I am fascinated by capturing a thought or emotion, and translating into an ephemeral scene, which exposes the immersive nature involved in our perceptions.

For this exhibition, I am continuing with this same technique yet taking on a new direction and am interested in exploring the possibilities in representing 3 dimensional form, in a 2 dimensional fashion. This direction still draws attention to notions of perspective yet focuses more on illusion and the appearance of form in flat construction.

Janice Vitkovsky, 2013