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Pulvis Terrae, 2021, kiln formed glass – wall panel, 540 h x 370 w x 70mm d. Image courtesy the artist

Rita Kellaway, Pulvis Terrae, 2021, kiln formed glass - wall panel, 540 h x 370 w x 70mm d

The Australian Glass Artists Association (Ausglass) is a not-for-profit membership organisation, encouraging diversity, dialogue and excellence in Australian contemporary glass. It is a wonderful association which has been instrumental in the support and success of many glass artists in this country over many years.

In February 2023 Ausglass was finally able to hold their bi-annual conference, the last being 2019 because of COVID. It was held at the ACU campus in Melbourne. Thanks to all the organisers including Kate Baker, Sabbia artist Holly Grace, Aaron Micallef, Peter Nolan and Caroline Field (ACU). It was brilliant being able to catch up with so many people, and inspiring to catch a glimpse of the next generation of makers.

For close to twenty years Sabbia Gallery has offered an award at the Ausglass conference. The prize is a two year mentorship and then a solo exhibition at Sabbia Gallery. The award is offered to an artist with under five years practice within glass. This years award went to South Australian artist Rita Kellaway.

Rita was a standout amongst the other eligible artists. Her professionalism and quality of craftsmanship for an artist of so few years of practice was extraordinary. We look forward to working with Rita over the next few years.