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Ceramics, Glass + Fibre

Facade Sabbia Redfern

Sabbia Gallery facade Redfern Sydney Australia

Sabbia is pleased to offer a unique and personalised client service experience; over the next month we will be creating an exciting new space at the gallery, which we will simply call The Mezzanine.  It will be an intimate quiet setting, where private & public collectors can view selected artworks without any distractions.

Our primary purpose as a commercial gallery is to nurture visual artists, expose them to the public, collectors, media, and cultural institutions and promote their work. The Mezzanine is an opportunity to showcase artworks as well as a place for interaction, learning, and also a collaboration source. The concept of The Mezzanine is refined by how it is put before a viewer, presentation plays a vital role to us at Sabbia.

We look forward to launching The Mezzanine in late May. We will keep you posted!