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Ceramics, Glass + Fibre

Tim Edwards

Tim came to glass from a ceramic background, from which he developed a bold sense of design and surface manipulation. This can be seen in the works for which he has gained an international reputation. Tim’s work is blown or … Continue reading

Jenni Kemarre Martiniello

As a contemporary urban based Aboriginal (Arrernte) glass artist, my aim is produce a body of traditionally inspired works that will pay tribute to our traditional weavers, and provide recognition for these ancient cultural practices through the contemporary medium of … Continue reading

Holly Grace

I grew up in Perth Australia, a city of extreme isolation where nature is a beautiful, yet harsh reality. It was there in my early formative years I developed a profound appreciation and love for the natural environment. As part … Continue reading

Nick Wirdnam

Nick Wirdnam is known for his amazingly detailed hot sculpted and realistic forms, which are then assembled into a narrative. Nick Wirdnam is widely respected and has been producing works in glass for over 35 years. He was born in … Continue reading

Maureen Williams

Maureen Williams has achieved significant artistic success with her glass sculptures and forms over the last twenty three years. Maureen is world renowned for her inventive techniques. She is as much a painter as a glass artist. Maureen expresses herself … Continue reading

Emma Varga

Sydney artist Emma Varga was first enchanted with glass when studying at the Applied Arts University in Belgrade and then designing and making decorative glass ‘production and one-off ‘ as a freelance artist and designer and working in a glass … Continue reading

Janice Vitkovsky

Janice Vitkovsky was born in South Australian and began her career in glass by attaining a Bachelor of Applied Arts at the South Australian School of Art. Since graduating, she participated in a two-year traineeship at JamFactory Centre for Contemporary … Continue reading

Tom Rowney

Tom Rowney has been working in glass for over twenty years and during this time the traditional Venetian techniques have been his constant source of inspiration. He has perfected his skills and is renowned as one of the most accomplished … Continue reading

Kirstie Rea

Kirstie Rea has been an ongoing advocate for the development and success of Australian glass within the international arena. As the organiser of the Latitudes workshops and touring exhibition; her relationship with the Bullseye Glass Company; and a board member … Continue reading

Nick Mount

Since the mid 1970’s Nick Mount has been working on a developing studio arts practice in glass. In partnership with Pauline Mount, he has established a wide reputation for his production, commissions and exhibition work, and is now regarded as … Continue reading