sabbia gallery

Ceramics, Glass + Fibre

Main Gallery and Gallery Two   4 June - 04 July 2009

Charles Butcher – After the Object

After The Object is a selection of recent works by Charles Butcher and Matthew Heaney. Through sculpture and painting these two artists examine their relationship to the material and immaterial world.

‘…silence is so accurate’. Mark Rothko.

After the Object will be a unique exhibition for Sabbia Gallery, one that features two artists that explore similar themes of silence, space, depth and the unseen. Both explore their medium in a physical sense but each aims to create an emotional response from the viewer within the context of an orchestrated environment.

Charles Butcher has had a long fascination with glass, having completed his Bachelor of Arts at Sydney College of the Arts and Honors at Canberra School of Art in 2006. A master technician in this medium, he is able to explore deep philosophical ideas about the idea of black space, the utter depth of blackness and the quest for purity and perfection in white.

Mathew Heaney shares Charles’ artistic fascination in exploring the unseen, the emptiness, nothingness, of which is so deep, so permeable and real, it is almost unreal. He is a natural, quiet artist that is content to explore ideas of solemnity and simplicity within his practice.

Both share a quiet, restrained palette, aware of the feelings and associations that a monochromatic palette brings, and each are interested in creating an environment within the gallery space that challenges the viewer to enter into a silent world… a space where sculpture and painting has the ability to affect the emotions of the viewer.

This will be an exhibition like no other at Sabbia, one that will challenge its audience to explore deep philosophical ideas of nothingness, silence, depth of space and the non-objective.