sabbia gallery

Ceramics, Glass + Fibre

Main Gallery   6 - 30 March 2024

Alfred Lowe – The Gathering

Sabbia is pleased to present Alfred Lowe’s first Sydney solo exhibition with an extraordinary body of work by this wonderful new talent.

Alfred Lowe is an Arrernte person from Snake Well in the Central Desert, north of Alice Springs. Alfred grew up in Alice Springs and completed his schooling there, moving to Adelaide in 2014 to pursue university studies. Alfred still resides in Adelaide and started making ceramics in early 2021. He now practices daily at the APY Studio in Adelaide.

Alfred uses clay and ceramics to explore themes of Country using form and texture informed by his intimate knowledge of the Central Desert landscape. He hand builds forms, creating organic vessels, and applies underglazes and a range of mark-making to the surface.

Alfred’s interest in fine arts is heavily influenced and inspired by his upbringing. For a period growing up, Alfred’s neighbour was Clifford Possum, and he recalls standing on truck tyres to peer over the fence and watch Clifford paint for hours at a time. He also lived opposite Araluen Arts and Cultural Precinct and spent a significant amount of time there as a child/teen.

Central Australia is a politically and racially charged region and this has fuelled Alfred’s keen interest in politics and racial justice. In his work, Alfred explores his relationship with Country as well as his life as a First Nations person living today. His works examine how culture and identity are navigated in modern times and as an early career artist is constantly examining how these influences and experiences are reflected in his artistic practice.


Flat footed, strength at the core with a posture of defiance these works continue my exploration of identity, culture and connection to country as a First Nations artist. Bright, colourful, and fun, these works hold an undeniable presence in a room. A presence that rejects expectations, ignores preconceptions and embraces a provocative sense of rebellion. These works are here for The Gathering.

Alfred Lowe, 2024