sabbia gallery

Ceramics, Glass + Fibre

Main Gallery   24 April - 23 May 2009

Maureen Williams – Altered Views

Sabbia Gallery presents this long awaited solo exhibition by one of Australia’s most influential studio glass artists, Maureen Williams. Maureen has achieved enormous artistic success with her glass sculptures and forms over the last 23 years. She has exhibited in numerous exhibitions in Australia and internationally. Her work has been included in the prestigious collections of the Die Neue Sammlung Museum in Germany, the Meseu do Vidro da Marinha Grande in Portugal, The Australian National Gallery and the National Gallery of Victoria, amongst others.

In this body of work, personal narratives and views are expressed using a three-dimensional canvas to depict altered views or altered landscapes. The paintings reflect Maureen’s abstract notion of reality as imagery. The imagery has been concerned with the narrative and most recently with the juxtaposition of nature and man’s imposition on nature. She uses natural and aerial views and the linear aspects of the land together with those impacted by man. Imaginary views are linked with real views and altered.

The work also relates to relationships – relationships between man and the land and the fragility of this. Man creates altered views of the land and these are portrayed in various ways and tied to diverse views. Man is depicted in Maureen’s landscape space in a variety of abstracted approaches.