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Ceramics, Glass + Fibre


Brigitte Enders,

Main Gallery   18 October - 17 November 2007

Brigitte Enders – Core

German born Brigitte Enders is an artist whose career spans over 39 years. She has worked in ceramics, metal and glass over that time, but is best known for her experimental and dynamic stoneware sculptures.

From her earliest selection into the prestigious ‘International Triennial of Decorative Arts in Stuttgart, Germany, in 1969, Brigitte has continually shown in significant exhibitions internationally, and in Europe

most particularly. Her work is held in eminent museums and private collections both in Germany & Australia.

‘CORE’, the result of focused artistic investigation, will be Brigitte’s second solo show in Australia since arriving in 1982, and will undoubtedly be an important exhibition by one of our foremost hidden treasures.

At the core of Brigitte Enders’ signature aesthetic formality lies a store of life experience, both professional and  private, that sustains a resolute creative drive. The influence of her abiding predilection for architecture, and  early training in Bauhaus-influenced German industrial design, is evidenced by the beautifully balanced,  sophisticated restraint of her work, the strong purity of line and the diligent attention to detail.  It is this sense  of ‘the outer-shell’ of her ‘observances’ that most occupies, and perhaps defines, Enders’ practice. Her vessels  contain, and even fortify, her most intimate thoughts and impressions. They are an exterior manifestation that  guards the undisclosed essential. Perceiving her craft as ‘a composition in mood’, Enders’ bold move into the  foundry most surely portends the longevity of a strong and intriguingly progressive artistic practice.  Megan Bottari, 2007