sabbia gallery

Ceramics, Glass + Fibre

Main Gallery   2 - 24 September 2022

Cobi Cockburn – Silhouette

Sabbia Gallery is delighted to present the solo exhibition Silhouette by internationally renowned and award winning Australian artist Cobi Cockburn.

‘The result is an existential hymn to our proto-Buddhistic place in the world, stripped of the ephemera of signification and focusing simply on what makes us human. Cobis works function in the domain of the ‘tranquil terrible’, a still sublime, reflective and contemplative locus but also one capable of eating you up, or simply voiding you in the process of meditation. Cobi’s glass wall panels sit off the wall, making them perform as minimal interventions and as windows into other spaces. Mathematical layered glass compositions that seemlessly fuse in the kiln, they are distilled precursors of ideas and invention, quasi-mathematical statements about possible relationships between imagined matter. Her work is moving between glass and other traditions to present bold, confident and subtly lyrical statements about the richness of our being in the world’.

Robert Cook, Curator, Art Gallery of Western Australia