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Ceramics, Glass + Fibre


Mel Douglas, SOLD - Inside, outside, in-between, Blown, coldworked and engraved (set of 3)

Main Gallery   1 April - 02 May 2020

Container – Masters of Glass 2020


In 1997, Sabbia Gallery mounted its inaugural exhibition of Masters of Glass.  In 2020 fourteen outstanding Australian artists working in glass were invited to exhibit a work which contains, or implies to contain.  Its contents were not important.

Vessels – containers – have played a vital role in our lives since we first became domesticated.  Artists often begin their practice by creating simple containers or vessels.  The invitation to these leading artists gave several the opportunity to create a new work, which might take them in a new direction.  Some work only in the vessel form and this show might give them a chance to see their work in a different light.

Congratulations to Sabbia for continuing with its support of artists through Masters of Glass, this year being the 23rd exhibition.

Meredith Hinchliffe

Independent writer, curator and arts advocate

March 27, 2020