sabbia gallery

Ceramics, Glass + Fibre

Gallery Two   16 March - 09 April 2022

Giles Bettison – Suspend

Sabbia Gallery is pleased to present this wonderful new series of works by one of Australia’s premier glass artists Giles Bettison. With the artist’s last exhibition in Australia at Sabbia in 2016 this long awaited show will be a delight to view.

Making glass has been on hold for me for the last couple of years during Covid while there has been no opportunities to exhibit my work. During that time I was looking at ways to go out into the studio and make some things. I began thinking about the nature of glass being a liquid at high temperature and a solid at any temperature below 500 degrees centigrade. In that way that it can be analogous to making art, the ideas are very liquid and gradually begin to set up. I a way I was trying to inspire myself to go and play in the studio. I made a group of objects where I tried to capture the liquid properties of molten glass alongside the solid properties of it. These were exercises for me to find a way to begin exploring landscape based colours and patterns, colours that I have been around as I have been spending time in the landscape on the Fleurieu Peninsula. I have been working to suspend the colours and ideas in the glass objects for this exhibition.

Giles Bettison, February 2022