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Ceramics, Glass + Fibre

Desolate Road – Dargo High Plains – for web

Holly Grace, Desolate Road - Dargo High Plains, 2021, blown glass with painted enamel surfaces, sandblasted imagery and mirrored interiors - pair, 350 h x 200 w x 175mm d, 430 h x 210 w x 175mm d

Main Gallery   10 February - 05 March 2022

Holly Grace – A Lost Song

My artwork begins in nature, a traverse into the remote regions of the Australian Highlands. This time alone within the landscape is an invaluable experience, sometimes challenging but immensely inspirational as I learn more about the natural world and about myself. My experiences are documented initially with the camera but further explored with glass as my canvas – becoming both a lens and a personal record of my unique environment.

This exhibition explores themes of loss and discovery, an echo of recent events in the natural environment. As I explore the fringes of our cultural landscape I discover small intersections, junctions where our human and non-human landscapes intertwine. It is this interaction between humanity and nature that I learn the most about myself, my history and the unbalances that exist. By researching the past and the present I seek to create a cultural narrative that maps together humanity and nature, history and natural history. Leading me on a path to finding my place within a country I call home.

As I find myself on blackened trails, lost and unsure of the path ahead. I ask myself how to protect a landscape ancient beyond time? Perhaps if I find my voice, my song, a visual melody filled with light and colour it may listen and sing back to me. But I won’t know until I try, so now I try.

– Holly Grace, 2021