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Australian Studio Glass & Ceramics


Holly Grace, A Miners Wife - Found, 2019, blown glass with sandblasted landscape imagery, enamelled surfaces, H 41 x D 17cm

Main Gallery   24 July - 17 August 2019

Allegory of the Landscape

Sabbia Gallery is pleased to present new works from Australian glass artist Holly Grace.

As my journey begins, I travel across sunlit plains, along rivers of gold and up steep mountain slopes. From the first light of day my traverse begins, with the sun of my back and my shadow in front, my sole companion that leads the way. As the sun slowly rises and what was hidden in shadows is now revealed – a landscape full of light and history.
From my confines of everyday life, a small cave constructed from inherited ideals and thoughts. My explorations through nature’s doors lead me to other realms and times long past, a reality so different from my own. Perceptions change and illuminates ideals, as I follow in the footsteps of my forefathers. Their stories are entwined within my own creating a tale told with light and shadow, a realm hidden in the past but a treasure for our future.
Tales told and whispered stories become entwined within the landscape. A search for a heritage long lost is remembered again, found in these treasured objects. Our human stories of death and survival, sadness and joy, help to create a poetic interpretation of the Australian vernacular.
Holly Grace, 2019