sabbia gallery

Ceramics, Glass + Fibre

Sabbia Gallery – Holly MacDonald – Latticework_2020

Holly MacDonald, Latticework, 2020, Terracotta, stained porcelain, porcelain slip, underglaze, ceramic crayon, 150h x 250 mm d

Gallery Two   28 November - 22 December 2020

Holly Macdonald – Inside Outside

Earlier this year as my housemates and I searched for a new rental property, I found myself captivated by the front gardens and façades of houses – our prospective new homes but others too. Furtive glances and blurry photos returned to the studio with me. I realised that my looking at these spaces amounted more to reading: reading these private street-facing spaces as the inscriptions of history they are. Inside Outside represents a series of sculptural ceramic vessels and objects, and records an angular language of fences and screens, columns and brickwork, doors and windows glimpsed through the outward and upward thrust of plants busily growing. The ceramic vessel hold this tension between what is revealed and concealed. My aim with this series of works is to creatively express the layers of past and present written into the home façade acknowledging it as an important document of diversity and resilience and of community for the future.