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Ceramics, Glass + Fibre


SOLD Covered Jar 1, 2012, thrown porcellaneous stoneware, sgraffito, terra sigillata, black underglaze, decals, H 20 x W 20 x D 20cm

Main Gallery   14 November - 08 December 2012

Janet DeBoos – Hybrid Places

Internationally regarded ceramic artist Janet DeBoos presents her new solo exhibition Hybrid Places. Known primarily for her soft ridges within her vessels, her identifying marks, as well as her minimalist approach to glaze and decoration, she has embarked in a highly decorative phase of her career, influenced by recent trips to China, and a desire to place herself with her landscape by utilising Australian botanical imagery alongside Chinese flora decals.

Janet says of her work;

‘A growing interest in the history of ceramic decoration and the way in which it both absorbs and expresses cultures, has become the focus of my most recent work. I am using iconic imagery from the high point of Chinese porcelain decoration, colour & line from the desert and bush of Australia (Ernabella terra sigillata, Australian flora) and that most ancient of techniques from the ceramics lexicon (sgraffito or ‘scratching’) to attempt to create a hybrid pottery that is both contemporary and timeless, culturally specific and yet borderless.’