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Ceramics, Glass + Fibre


Nick Mount, Scent Bottle #010406 & 020406, 2006, blown glass & mixed media, 820 h & 710 h mm

Main Gallery   4 May - 01 June 2006

Nick Mount – Indigo

Sabbia Gallery, Sydney’s newest and most innovative exhibition space presents this stunning solo exhibition by one of Australia’s pioneers in contemporary studio glass, Nick Mount.

Returning from an artist residency in Japan in February 2006 with his wife and artistic partner Pauline, Nick says about this recent work:
This is the first group of pieces in which Pauline and I have collaborated on the making of the work as well as its concept and design.

On taking up the invitation to spend a month in residence in the Glass Studio of the Kurashiki University of Science and Art in the Okayama region of Japan, Pauline and I decided to work closely on developing a new group of pieces and to start with the colour Indigo as our jumping off point.

We continued with the evolution of the ‘Scent Bottle’ series that we have been working with through the past 9 years and bought back to our studio in South Australia, a group of components that have been influenced strongly by our Japanese experience in their forms, surface decoration and method of construction. This work will form the core of our new exhibition and will be supported by other works that demonstrate our exploration of the ‘Scent Bottle’.

Nick is one of Australia’s most influential glass artists. He has not held an exhibition in Sydney since 2001, concentrating on his overseas galleries. We are thrilled to have him with us in this truly beautiful show.