sabbia gallery

Ceramics, Glass + Fibre

Main Gallery and Gallery Two   30 January - 23 February 2013

Landscape – Masters of Glass

Sabbia Gallery presents our annual Masters of glass exhibition Landscape. After the tremendous success of previous exhibitions in this highly anticipated series, we have selected six of our most diverse and skilled artists in the medium to be included in 2013. Each artist offers their own unique response to what landscape means to them.

Glass art is a powerful medium of communication and is one of the most innovative and vital areas within Australian contemporary art.

Landscape is the context and the source of inspiration for many artists. Their work often addresses how we relate and respond to the environment, and presents new ways of looking at the world around us.

Many of our most acclaimed artists working in glass have used landscape as a way of echoing a unique perspective or experience, and as a way of associating people and place in a way that is familiar, tangible and enduring. Their landscapes are inspired by places of great cultural, natural and spiritual significance.

The origin of landscape in art dates back to the late 16th Century as a way of denoting a picture of scenery. Just as landscape can change dynamically, so the way in which it is used by artists can also change. A move from the merely pictorial to an abstracted ‘sense of place’ characterises much of the work in this significant exhibition.