sabbia gallery

Ceramics, Glass + Fibre

Main Gallery   23 May - 16 June 2018

Lisa Cahill – Vignette

Lisa Cahill has been exhibiting in international and national solo and curated exhibitions for twenty years.

Her work is widely collected in private and public collections including the Ebeltoft Glass Museum, Ebeltoft, Denmark, the Kaplan/Ostergaard Collection at the Palm Springs Art Museum, California, USA, the Northlands Creative Glass Collection, Caithness, Scotland UK and the National Art Glass Collection, Wagga Wagga Regional Gallery, Australia.

In this new body of work Cahill pares down her kiln formed glass to create minimal vignettes evoking notions of an ephemeral landscape. Inspired by both the natural world and the transitory nature of the urban experience, Cahill’s dreamlike images allow viewers to draw associations with their own remembered landscapes, resulting in a meditative and emotional response. Rather than a direct reproduction they are more her own interpretation of light and landscape.
Growing up by the Victorian coastline I have always been drawn to the ocean. Having lived inland for the last seven years has increased my sense of longing to be closer to the sea, yet the mountain ranges surrounding Canberra also give me a sense of awe.
With this new body of work I aim to capture a sense of the mountainous landscape around me as well as memories of the ocean and the landscape beside it. Having made regular trips to the beaches on the south east coast of Australia and winters by the Kattegat sea in my mother’s homeland of Denmark, I have spent hours looking at the horizon and the escarpment, watching as the light changes with every sunset.
With the new work in this exhibition I aim to create a place for quiet contemplation and artworks that ponder the reality beyond the visible.
Lisa Cahill, May 2018