sabbia gallery

Ceramics, Glass + Fibre

Main Gallery and Gallery Two   24 February - 18 March 2023

The Adelaide Exhibition

Adelaide is a city renowned for its arts festivals and home to many of Australia’s most innovative artists. Sabbia Gallery is pleased to shine the spotlight on the creative depths of Adelaide artists and what an important artistic hub this city continues to be.

We have invited Liam Fleming, Sam Gold, Alfred Lowe & Drew Spangenberg for inclusion in this exhibition of new and exciting talents from Adelaide.

Sam Gold turned their hand to ceramics in earnest in 2018, bringing over a decade of training in Transpersonal Art Therapy, Furniture Design and studies in Contemporary Art to the medium. The pinch-style coiled sculptures and vessels, for which Gold has since become known, push the structural and conceptual capacity of clay.

Alfred Lowe is an Arrernte person from Snake Well in the central desert, north of Alice Springs. Alfred grew up in Alice Springs and completed his schooling there, moving to Adelaide in 2014 to pursue university studies. Alfred still resides in Adelaide and started making ceramics in early 2021. He now practices daily at the APY Studio in Adelaide. He is an exciting new talent in ceramics.

Liam Fleming using techniques of fire polishing, fusing and slumping to create beautiful surface details in his glass works. He explores “controlled demolition” of mould-blown forms whilst highlighting the forms using the range that glass can offer.

Drew Spangenberg is master glass blower and has honed his skills at the JamFactory in Adelaide, creating fine glassware using specialist glass techniques. His exhibition works are refined, elegant and reference vessels that are elevated above their utility.