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Ceramics, Glass + Fibre

CAH1_Catching Light (3 panels)

Lisa Cahill, Catching Light, 2006, kilnformed and carved glass - wall panels

Main Gallery   12 October - 04 November 2006

Lisa Cahill – Memory Flux

Lisa Cahill creates dreamlike images, which allow viewers to draw associations with their own remembered landscapes, resulting in a meditative and or emotional response. Inspiration for this work ranges from the colours, textures and limitless space of the Australian bush to the harsh winter landscape of Denmark, her mother’s homeland. Having spent many years living and travelling the world, much of this time spent in Denmark, Lisa’s kiln formed glass connects structures of urban architecture, the associations and memories they invoke, and her innate respect for the natural landscape.

Lisa’s minimal wall panels are a record of her memories of these different landscapes and the transitory nature of the urban experience. Rather than a direct reproduction they are more her own interpretation of the quiet intensity to be found therein. Lisa’s art is a document that ponders the reality behind the visible and becomes a place for quiet contemplation.