sabbia gallery

Ceramics, Glass + Fibre

Main Gallery   6 August - 05 September 2008


Sabbia Gallery presents the Ceramics Masters exhibition Narratives: Installation & Sculptural Based Ceramics In Australia

Sabbia Gallery has been committed to the quality exhibition of leading Australian artists in glass & ceramics, with a comprehensive exhibition series of Australian Masters in Glass. These exhibitions have received international recognition since their inception in 2006. We are pleased to present the inaugural exhibition in the Ceramic series, Narratives.

All artists included in the exhibition deal with the notion of the narrative and story telling in their practice.  This dynamic group exhibition presents new work by Australia’s finest contemporary ceramic artists working in the fields of installation and sculpture, each exploring themes of domesticity, nature and the object.

The artists invited to exhibit in the 2008 Ceramics Masters series are Julie Bartholomew, Janet deBoos, Honor Freeman, Patsy Hely, Ruth McMillan and Angela Valamanesh.