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Ceramics, Glass + Fibre

Main Gallery   25 January - 18 February 2023

Nick Mount – Still Alive + Mobile

Still Alive + Mobile

Nick Mount’s work has long represented a symbiosis of contrasting yet complimentary elements. In a contemporary take on the traditional, Still Alive + Mobile comprises a series of new works that are at once energetic and expressive, and intimate and illusive; playful and provocative, and soft and seductive.

In the long-standing tradition of the Still Life, Nick presents a slice of the everyday. Providing endless opportunity to experiment with the arrangement of elements within a composition, the work tells a story of form and finish, texture and tone, technique and intuition. Functional objects and geometric forms are positioned alongside fruits, both real and imagined. A symbolic reminder of our changing environment, the work is also a reminder that the old can be new again.

Peta Mount 2023