sabbia gallery

Ceramics, Glass + Fibre

Main Gallery   16 November - 10 December 2016

Nick Wirdnam – Charmed

Sabbia Gallery is pleased to present this solo exhibition from glass artists Nick Wirdnam.

Often drawing on cultural beliefs, personal circumstance or experience we develop systems which offer comfort and security.

We invest value in symbols and objects which protect us from misfortune andprovide hope and promise. This work employs familiar objects with an historical association of good fortune, hope and consolation.

The role of charms, has changed over time from that of practical use and as a means of warding off evil, to a purely aesthetic one. Queen Victoria’s own fascination with charms, jewellery and pendants made charm bracelets enormously popular amongst the gentry of the time, as a luxurious fashion items.

It was common for the affluent in society to show off their fortune by wearing elaborate and exotic clothing and the wearing of charm bracelets as a fashion accessory capturing emotion and personal memories.

I prefer the older and more practical belief that small ornamental objects reputedly had a certain power as amulets or lucky charms. these charms were worn as symbols which offered hope and protection.

Nick Wirdnam, 2016